Once upon a foggy day…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…I actually got up out of my chair.  It isn’t as big an achievement as it sounds as I had to go to work that morning.  So I did all the things I normally do before going to work and looked out the window into the fog and thought I’d take a picture.  The difference between this time and all the other times was that I actually did it, I fetched my E300, and took this picture out the window.  My recovery from photographic lethargy appears to be underway.  So I thought I would share the picture, and aplogise for including the phone lines cause I’ve been told I shouldn’t so often.  The first time I tried to post this it disappeared off into cyberspace and posted only the title and the tags!  Hopefully this time at least the picture will make it onto my blog *s*

Finally decided, an update of sorts…

I finally made up my mind, almost.  I fitted the battery grip which meant removing the battery compartment door which was a very simple process, then I had to charge the batteries as both the ones I have were flat!  Then back to work and a frantic push to finalise our titanic project (it went well, thank you for caring *s*).  I installed the graphics tablet and the wireless kit – well worth it that was too!  Now I’ve been playing with… sorry, getting used to it most evenings which has led me back to actually doing something with the photographs I’ve taken and haven’t archived yet.  And I actually took more pictures, only about five though and only because I thought the foggy morning was cool.  When I stop playing with them I’ll post one.  Ah, the joy of toys!!!

A surfeit of good things…

…can their be such a thing?  I think so.  After running out of books a neighbour moved and gave us a couple of boxes of them, some of them look interesting but I’m not a romance fan so I’ll give those ones a miss.  I also finally spent my Christmas pennies, and got me an Intuos 5 graphics tablet and an HLD-3 battery grip for my Olympus (I’ve been looking for one for ages, cause it lets me use a cable release.  Of course now I have to get one).  I also bought filters, a set of ND filters to go with the grads I already have and a circular polariser, now all I need is to get off my … chair… and go out and use them.  If my workload will let me!

Now I have all the things I wanted and can’t choose between them!

I’ve ran out of books to read!!!

Following on from Devon Monk’s book mentioned before, we bought the rest of the series.  I read them, good books all.  Mercedes Lackey elemental masters, again good books all but I’ve read them.  Now I’m almost finished Ulysses on my kindle, not really my kind of book, but I’ll finish it.  I’m also part way through Beowulf on my kindle ( is it Bo wolf or Bay wolf? the argument goes on *g*), but I like a book to relax with, a real book.  With paper and ink, and the feel and the smell… Ok, now I’ve given it away haven’t I?  I really like ‘real’ books, electronic is OK but it isn’t the same, and I don’t like audio books at all as I like to get wrapped up in the story and the only time I’d play them is when I’m driving.  Not good.

Two posts in one month, I’m more regular than I’ve been *G*

Welcome to 2013!

First of all Happy New Year to everyone.

Now, where did December go?  I was working up until the 21st, but since then its all a blur with occasional highlights like Christmas Day with the family, then the 27th with more of them, then Hogmanay and New Year’s Day – and no, it isn’t all a blur because I was drunk.  I’ve only had two drinks the entire time, I’ve been good.

What do I want out of 2013?

On a personal level more time with my partner, to post here more regularly (notice more regularly rather than regularly, baby steps!), to improve my photoshop skills, to take more photos and to print more.

Workwise?  A codebook for CfE (if such a thing exists, which I doubt), Time to do everything (not going to happen, but no harm in wanting), and, like everyone else, less paperwork (see previous comment).

Where did November go?

I was just thinking that its been a while since I posted on my blog, so I logged in and looked at the date of my last post.  October – and it’ll be December on Saturday.  I know I’ve had a lot of work to do, and a fair number of books to read – if you get a chance to read Mercedes Lackey’s elemental master’s series you should, they’re good.  I haven’t picked a camera up except at work and I’m not really sure that counts…  On the upside I did manage to recover images for a colleague who lost a lot of pictures when the card was accidentally deleted.  I’m currently reading Devon Monk’s Magic to the bone and it seems to be quite good so far; I’ve also read the latest Laurell Hamilton book kissing the dead, and Anita is still on form.

If anyone sees my November lying around somewhere I’d appreciate its return *s*